Vegan Raw Food Lifestyle

For several years of my life I was a raw vegan. I lived in China for the decade of my 20s. One Chinese New Year holiday I went with my girlfriends to my first detox in Thailand. It was only 3 days without food, but this cleanse started a change in the direction of my life. The next year I went on a 5 day cleanse, the following year 7 days, and by year three I was going on an annual detox. With each fast, I shed addictions – smoking being the biggest one. Sugar cravings and yeast addictions were another. Then one year during the standard post-fast 7-day raw food diet, I decided to keep going and to earnestly explore the vegan raw food diet. During the years I was high raw, I met David Wolfe and George Lamoureux of Jing Herbs, and due to their influence I began integrating superfoods and superherbs into my diet.

There are many people who ask me what it is like to be on a raw food diet. They have questions about whether it is possible to get enough calories and enough protein. Some have questions about how to integrate a raw food lifestyle with social activities and family demands. I have experience working with people interested in exploring the vegan raw food lifestyle.

Contact me with your objectives and aspirations, and we can work together to achieve your dreams.

When I first became raw vegan, I created a blog to document my journey. Although it is no longer up to date, the past posts are relevant to those interested in this lifestyle.