Farm to Table Wellness Workshops

The Wellness Workshop Series for 2013 is now over. For more information about this past season’s workshops, scroll down.

If you are interested in having me host a workshop at your location, please contact me.

3 facts… which no longer have to dictate our reality.

1. We know that we should eat more fruits and vegetables to improve our health. We don’t argue with this fact… but we don’t always do it. Then we feel guilty. Oh, we chide ourselves, I should be eating a salad and not these french fries…

2. We accept that we are getting older. And we assume this aging comes paired with less energy, illness and medication, and a different face, head of hair, and body shape. We accept this assumption with a sigh.

3. We live responsibly and reasonably, using logic and careful analysis when making decisions. Our rationality increasingly shields us from the magic and mystery of the world we live in, and we start to lose sight of how amazing each season, each plant, each insect, each animal, and each human being really is. As a result, our lives become more monotonous and frightening, instead of charmed and wondrous.

This summer transform your diet and lifestyle.

The Farm to Table Wellness Workshops are structured to increase your vitality. Vitality, synonymous with life, is defined as the state of being strong and active. Vitality is the power giving continuance of life that is present in all living things.

You will learn and experience the nutritional value and healing approach of eating locally and seasonally. Eating in-tune with nature strengthens our immune systems, grounds our emotions, energizes us, and opens us up spiritually.

You will leave each Farm to Table Wellness Workshop:

  • Filled with energy and vitality from an evening spent with good food, good company, and in a beautiful environment
  • Inspired, confident and enthusiastic¬†to make the changes you want to see in your diet and in your lifestyle
  • Supported by a community of like-minded people who will hold you accountable and back you up
  • With a little bit of magic imparted from nature for a more charmed life

2013 Farm to Table Wellness Workshop Schedule.

Feedback from Greens, Glorious Greens! Workshop

“I was very happy to learn about how bitter greens can help to eliminate cravings. After the workshop I feel inspired to live an even healthier lifestyle. The part about fighting disease and illness through nutrition was very powerful.”
Karen Gauvain, Natural Foods and Farm to Table Chef

“This is a workshop for real health and wellness based on food for health.”
Hunter Bahre

Feedback from Examining the Mental & Physical Connection of What and How We Eat Workshop

“My favorite part of the Wellness Workshop was feeling that a healthy life is possible – it may not be easy, but it is possible.”
Lori Legendre, busy mom and teacher

Feedback from 2013 Wellness Workshops

“Your 2013 Wellness Workshop series has been very educational. I especially loved all the real food samples that apply to the various topics.” Denise Lusitani, mother and biochemist

If you seek healing, or are looking to prevent future illness, eating organic, locally grown plants as a major part of your diet can be the most effective way to achieve your goals. Sometimes, however, despite our best intentions, we lack the inspiration or ideas for how to eat more plants in a way that is delicious, satisfying, and will be well received by the entire family. Or, even if you feel you are eating enough plants, you still want to take your health to the next level. The Farm to Table Wellness Workshops will provide you with the knowledge, support, and inspiration you need to make the transformation you want to see in your diet and lifestyle.

Planning Details.

  • Each class will start at 7 pm with an evening educational walk on the farm paired with delicious farm-grown food to nibble on
  • Class duration is roughly 2 hours
  • Class location is at the Community Farm of Simsbury at 73 Wolcott Road in Simsbury, CT
  • Following the farm walk, each class will be based around a presentation, accompanied with a demonstration and handouts

Price Options.

Farm to Table Wellness Workshop Bundle is $150 for 5 classes. This seasonal price expires May 30, 2013

Individual Class – $35 per class

Sign Me Up! To reserve your spot, download the Farm to Table Wellness Class Brochure and Order Form Here

About Health Coach Tara Tranguch


One of the reasons I became a farmer is to help myself and others improve their health and nutrition. For several years I was a raw vegan, during which time I healed myself of many food addictions and cleared up chronic illnesses and physical weaknesses. In addition, my mental outlook on life became more positive and my imagination, creativity and courage all grew. Having lived the raw vegan lifestyle, I understand that it is not for everybody! However, I do believe that everyone can benefit–physically, emotionally, spiritually–from increasing the percentage of plant-based foods in their diet.

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