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Serafina Says Farm is a Connecticut-based vegetable, superfood and wellness farm offering non-GMO vegetables, sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass and artisanal living foods. The farm grows 100+ varieties of vegetables, herbs, superfoods and flowers for sale at farmers’ markets, to high-end restaurants and to food co-ops.

Serafina Says Farm has signed the CT Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Farmers’ Pledge, a commitment to farming, marketing and farm management in accordance with sound ecological and economic principles.

If you are a health foodie, seeking the most delicious and nutritious local food, we are the farm for you.

Owner Tara Tranguch is an organic farmer & certified health coach and offers wellness workshops, detox cleanses, and individual health coaching for men and women who want to live authentic lives in optimum health with vitality, courage, freedom and peace.

The farm and wellness business work together to help people who want to explore a whole food diet for optimum vitality, who want to transition to a primarily plant-based diet for healing, and who are interested in exploring integrating superfoods for transformation. Tara’s vision is to create a sustainable farm business that grows the earth’s most nutritionally-dense and healing superfoods, and enables people to transform their health and live full of energy and vitality.

 Vision, Values and Mission Statement

Serafina Says Farm’s mission statement is to create and grow a sustainable farm and wellness center that grows the earth’s most nutritionally-dense and healing superfoods, and provides individuals and families with the ability to transform their health and their lives by achieving their lifestyle goals and dreams.

Serafina Says Farm’s vision is:

  • To offer the magic of plants, growing nutritionally-dense vegetables, berries, superfoods, mushrooms, culinary and medicinal herbs.
  • To inspire and facilitate a transformation for all those seeking better health, greater happiness, and peace.
  • To leave the land as (if not more) vibrant, healthy, yielding and fertile than it was found.

The values shaping business decisions are:

  • Stewardship of the land: organic growing practices, low to no-spray, soil fertility techniques, composting, water conservation.
  • Nutritionally dense crops: strictly non-GMO and offering heirloom varieties where possible.
  • Contributing to the local economy and community: key contributor to the local foodshed, job creation, hosting events.
  • Health for all: nutrition and lifestyle coaching, artisanal “living food” products, education opportunities.

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Membership for the 2014 season is closed.

veggie004Where to get Serafina Says Farm Products

Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 11-2pm (June 2-Oct 27 and Nov 24-March 2)
Passiflora Tea Room in New Hartford, CT


How to contact Tara about speaking opportunities, health coaching, wellness workshops etc.

You can contact me online here. I look forward to hearing from you!


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