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Fasting from food for 3 or 7 days, and using that break to cleanse and nourish our body and spirit with nutrient-dense, delicious, fresh-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, creates the space for us to have spiritual, physical, and emotional breakthroughs.

Celebrate the bounty of fresh produce during the harvest season, prepare for the coming of autumn, and gain energy, vitality and a greater awareness of yourself that leads to long-term, sustainable health changes, as well as a new mindset about your body and your habits.

My first cleanse lasted 3 days. It was a water fast and physically very difficult – oh, the caffeine headache! The outcome of this cleanse was it put me in touch with my body – I was no longer able to ‘gloss over’ my eating habits.  I became aware of the connection between what I ate and how my body and mood reacted to the food. This awareness is the necessary foundation for everyone’s path towards improved health and wellness. After my second fast, I stopped drinking coffee. After my third fast, I quit smoking and started the transition to a raw vegan lifestyle. In exchange for the bad habits that I gave up, I gained greater happiness, freedom and a healthier, more fit body. With each fast, I move one step closer to living my authentic life in optimum health.

Each cleanse is unique and unpredictable. What you will experience and uncover about yourself is always a surprise – and an exceptional experience. Your body is built to heal and to support you to live your most amazing life. Giving your body a break from food to repair and restore itself is the best gift you can give yourself.

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How the cleanse works

You start pre-fast. This three day pre-fast is a gradual elimination diet removing animal products, processed foods, caffeine, sugar etc. out of your diet. This physically prepares you for the transition to a juice diet. This time is also used for mental preparation – setting intentions, cleaning your kitchen, buying groceries etc. So when the first day of your cleanse starts on Wednesday, you are excited and ready to go! During this time, I provide you with a ‘How-to Pre-fast’ document, a ‘Grocery List’ for the first 3 days of the cleanse, and daily emails to guide you through the pre-fast.

You drink 4 Quarts (that is 16 cups) of freshly pressed, delicious, nutrient-dense vegetable and fruit juice for 3 or 7 days (depending on which cleanse length you choose). This is enough juice for you to go to work, lightly exercise, and to live your life. However, you will have less energy than normal and your body does need to rest during this time so it can repair itself. During the cleanse, I provide you with recipes, daily emails to guide your fast, and a Facebook forum for you to meet fellow fasters and share your experiences.

Post-fast you take 2-3 days to gradually reincorporate food into your diet to test for food sensitivities and to become aware of the energy of different food. Post-cleanse I will guide you through safely reintroducing food to your system so you can test how certain foods impact your mood and your body. This is a fun part of the journey! During this phase, I provide you with a ‘How to Re-Tox Safely’ document and daily emails to guide you.

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To make your cleanse a successful experience, you receive:

– Daily morning emails from me to inspire you and keep you going! Each email will focus on a different topic related to the cleanse, such as detoxification, movement, water, beauty products, healing crisis, enemas, food combining, juice and smoothie recipes etc.

– Invitation to the Facebook Serafina Says Juice & Glow Forum for you to share pictures, stories and questions with me and your fellow fasters. You are not going through this experience alone! This community page provides enormous support and fun for you during the cleanse.

– Juice & Glow Cleanse Kit. This kit contains additional items to support your cleanse, including your Cleanse Support Herbs, Psyllium husk, a tongue scraper and a dry skin body brush.

– Supporting documents, including ‘How to Pre-fast’, Grocery List, Recipes, and ‘How-To Retox Safely’.

With this support, you can do the cleanse! Have no fear.

Benefits of the Juice & Glow Cleanse:
– Reset your body – physically and mentally.
– Become aware of food addictions and cravings, and break bad habits.
– Check for food allergies and sensitivities.
– Overcome constipation issues.
– Lose weight (between 3-10 lbs).
– Reduce bloat.
– Increase your energy and sense of well-being.
– Gain a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence in your ability to live with optimum health.
– Improve your emotional stability and feel more positive overall.
– Increase your awareness of your own body.
– Clearer skin, shinier hair and nails, brighter eyes, overall glow.
– Feel lighter and trimmer.
– Sleep better.
– Slow down a bit and enjoy the world around you. Delight in the beautiful details of your everyday life.
– Feel happier.

Yes, you have the potential to really experience these benefits!



Be aware, this cleanse requires commitment and discipline. I  provide you with all the tools you need to successfully complete the cleanse, and I am here to answer all your questions and guide you, but you will need to be willing to slow down, to rest more, and to be open to your body and mind changing. Sometimes, this can be scary. We tend to overeat or eat comfort foods to anesthetize our feelings. During a cleanse, this numbness is removed and the emotional roller coaster is both liberating, but sometimes also a bit scary. If you are reading this far, however, I believe you are ready for this cleanse and will do well! 

Questions You May Have

1.  Why should I do this?
– Up to 80% of our body’s energy goes to digesting food. While on a cleanse, your digestive system is given a break meaning your body can redirect that energy to other parts of your body and repair cells. During a cleanse, your body gets the rest it needs to take care of the big projects instead of the hourly small projects you give it to work on. Fasting has been used to cure some people of cancer, that is how powerfully self-healing our bodies are – when we allow them to be!
– During the post-cleanse retox you have the ability to start from a clean slate and identify food allergens and sensitivities that may commonly plague you with inflammation, rashes, itchiness, general discomfort etc.
– Each person and each cleanse is different, but some of the results I have witnessed in myself and others from fasting include: weight loss, clearer skin, increased flexibility and endurance, spiritual awakening, letting go of past behavior and reactions, letting go of memories that block our future progression, improved sleep, stress reduction, stable blood sugar, identification of food allergies and sensitivities, radical diet changes, and uptake of new hobbies.

2. What equipment will I need?
You need a juicer or you can use a high-speed blender + strainer to strain the fiber. If you are interested to purchase a juicer, I recommend the Omega brand. It is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3. How much will I be drinking during the fast?
You will be drinking approximately 1 Quart of juice 4 times a day. You can make them all at the beginning of the day and carry them in a thermos to have throughout the day, or you can make each quart individually throughout the day. The juice will be only vegetables, fruit and spring water.

4. Will I be able to continue with my daily life during the cleanse?
Yes, you will be drinking approximately 1 Quart of juice or smoothie 4 times a day, which is sufficient for you to do your daily activities, such as go to work. However, you should not plan to do strenuous exercise during this time (yoga, walking, jogging are all ok), and you should plan for increased rest during your cleanse. You are taking a few days out of your busy year for you – to reset your body and your mind – and to help your body clean out all the muck. Your body needs rest to be able to do so. Plan to spend evenings at home, to get increased rest, and to have time for yourself doing self-care activities. There will be days when you feel very tired. You will not fight this feeling with caffeine and sugar, you will give in to it and take it easy. Be prepared for the world to not fall apart when you are not giving 110%.

5. Will I die?
No, you will not.

6. Will I feel miserable?
Detoxification can result in crummy moods and physical aches and pains. I have been through all of them and will aim to provide you with enough information plus support to help you minimize any discomfort. The first 2 days are the hardest as the digestive system begins to shut down and your mind freaks out a little bit about the change in your diet. You may also experience a healing crisis during the cleanse, which could rock your world a little bit. But all for the better!

7. Will I feel amazing?
Yes. As you cleanse you will feel lighter, brighter, more spontaneous, free, creative, and energized. You will have ah-ha! moments. You will sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. At the end of the cleanse, you will feel an amazing sense of accomplishment and know that you are in full control of your own health.

8. Why a juice cleanse?
There are many types of cleanses available – whole foods diet cleanse, smoothie cleanse, water fast, etc. In my experience, the best cleanse to do while in your home environment and maintaining your regular schedule is a juice cleanse. A water cleanse is too extreme and requires a vacation. A whole foods and smoothie cleanse require a longer period of time because your digestive system does not fully shut down. I would recommend a 14-day to 30-day smoothie/whole foods cleanse to achieve the results of a 7-day juice cleanse. Most importantly, a juice cleanse leaves no room for your mind to negotiate with you on what you can and cannot imbibe. On a juice cleanse it is clear – water, fruits and veggies, juiced. Period. With no room for deliberation (can I have almond milk? can I eat that cracker?),  your cleanse can go on autopilot, leaving your mind free to release old patterns of thinking and obtain a state of bliss.

9. Can I do this from anywhere in the world?
Yes, I can lead you from anywhere in the United States or around the world.


Tara Tranguch To your vitality and health,
Tara Tranguch, certified health coach