Serafina Says Farm Sprouted Products

Sprouts are amazingly delicious, living superfoods packed with enzymes and nutrients. Sprouted foods are some of the most alkalizing, healing, and building foods on the planet. More information about these little “Powerhouses of Nutrients” can be found here.

Serafina Says Farm offers a range of raw, vegan, sprouted foods all made with love and dehydrated at low temperatures (less than 105 degrees F). You will love the way they taste, and be amazed at how good they make you feel.

Sprouted Products

Sprouted Food Products

* Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds come in 3 flavors: Maca Vanilla, Cinnamon and Sweet & Spicy. Pumpkin seeds are hulled, sprouted, tossed with local maple syrup, spices and superfoods, and dehydrated. These make a great topping (pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, salad, soups) and a healthy snack for the mid-afternoon pick me up.

* Buckwheat Crispies are sprouted buckwheat seeds dehydrated at low temperatures. Buckwheat is a gluten-free super seed that is great for cardiovascular health and sustained energy. Buckwheat Crispies have a malty crunchy texture that makes them a great addition to anything – oatmeal, smoothies, cereal, yogurt, salads, soups etc. Farmer Tara enjoys a bowl of them with fresh fruit and nut mylk for breakfast and can work long hours on the farm from just one bowl.

* Sprouted Grawnola is a mix of sprouted pumpkin seeds and buckwheat crispies. Current flavor available is Winter Spice, a mix of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Where to Buy Serafina Says Farm Sprouted Products

Farmers’ Markets
Serafina Says Farm sells exclusively at Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 11-2pm.

The WinterFresh Farmers’ Market runs from November 24-March 2, 2014 and is located at the Coventry High School, 78 Ripley Road, Coventry.

The Summer Market starts in June and is located at the Nathan Hale Homestead in Coventry. There will be an additional CSA pick-up at the summer market.

Serafina Says Farm grows sprouts, microgreens and wheatgrass for customers at Farmers’ Markets, as part of the farm’s Community Supported Agriculture offer, and for high-end restaurants and food establishments.

If you are a restaurant, food co-op, or food establishment that would like to learn more about delivery, and request product samples, contact Tara.

Sprouts and Microgreens available include:sproutedproducts

Community Supported Agriculture Farm Shares
Serafina Says Farm farms the historic farmland of Bristol’s Farm in Canton, CT. CSA 2014 Farm Share pick-ups will be held Thursday afternoons from mid-June to mid-October from 4-7 pm on Bristol’s Farm.

During pick-up hours, sprouted products, wheatgrass, farm clothing, and Sacred Heart chocolates are available to the public for sale.

Serafina Says Farm
at Bristol Farm
541 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 06019
(860) 881-2280
(If your GPS has difficulty locating the farm, try inputting Collinsville instead of Canton).

Wellness Workshops
Farmer Tara is also a certified health coach and offers wellness workshops on various topics, including How To Grow Your Own Sprouts, Microgreens and Wheatgrass at home.

If you are interested in being alerted to her latest workshops, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter here.