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Me at the Hill of Tara in Ireland, 2012

Me at the Hill of Tara in Ireland, 2012


Thank you for your interest in who I am and in my farm and wellness business. I would like to meet you too. Please email me and let me know what brought you to my website.

My Story

On my 35th birthday I was living in Paris, France working as a strategic transformation manager for a global telecoms vendor. As I went to bed that evening I said a heartfelt prayer wishing  for a fulfilling, peaceful upcoming year, one in which my deepest dreams would be realized.

Wait. Hold On.
A voice from the recesses of my soul abruptly halted my reverie and asked:
Are you REALLY ready to ACCEPT AND FOLLOW your deepest dreams?

When we ask ourselves this question, we tend to hesitate… and then a deluge of criticism and rational thought ensue:

Gosh, am I really ready to acknowledge what I want? To be who I am? To follow my dreams? That’s kind of risky. It could unsettle my life and my relationships. It could disrupt my comfortable life and schedule. Dreams are for kids – I am a mature adult now with responsibilities! Let’s be reasonable! Don’t be silly!

However, on my 35th birthday, I gave myself an amazing gift. I silenced the critic, the censor, the fearful, anxious, security-loving part of myself that was blocking me from realizing my deepest dreams. I turned tentatively to the more silent part of myself and began to acknowledge what it wanted.

Yes, it was scary. Yes, it was disruptive. Change always is.

But just that tentative acknowledgment allowed all my dreams to begin to spill forth, and  it started me on my journey towards freedom. Freedom from my fear of the unknown. Liberation from the influence of past relationships and expectations. Freedom from a heaviness and weight that I was carrying around with me. Release of my bad habits. A muffling of my greatest critic (me!).

Being honest with myself and authentic to who I am brought me improved physical health and spiritual and emotional wellness. Each day I take another step on my path towards becoming all I am meant to be, and each day I am grateful to be on the right path, as it is being on the path that is most important.

Within four months I had packed up my apartment that overlooked the Eiffel Tower, taken a sabbatical from my cushy expat job, procured my cat Serafina’s second passport, and moved to an organic family farm in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut to start my apprenticeship as a farmer. During my apprenticeship, I started training to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Today I am the owner, farmer and certified health coach at Serafina Says Farm, a vegetable and superfood farm and wellness center in Canton, Connecticut.

I am passionate about providing organically grown, nutrient-dense, delicious food to the local community because I have experienced the well-being that eating high quality food gives us mentally and physically. I challenge you to try the farm’s produce for one season and see how your health transforms.

As a health coach, I work with men and women who want to live authentic lives in their best possible health. Everyone wants to live a fulfilled life with vitality, courage, freedom, and peace, and I serve as a guide and coach to help you achieve your full potential and realize your dreams — no matter how scary they may be.

Bio in a Snapshot

I graduated in 1998 from Duke University with a BA double major in English and Chinese. After graduation, I moved to Beijing, China to teach English with the Princeton in Asia program; I then attended the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Nanjing, China. I lived in Beijing and Shanghai China for nine years working in the Chinese telecoms industry. During my time in Asia I was introduced to yoga, the power of detoxification through fasting, and the raw vegan diet.

In 2007 I moved to Paris, France with global telecoms vendor Alcatel-Lucent. While in Europe I received training from two Masters’ programs in the areas of corporate strategic sustainability and entrepreneurship. Outside of work, I was an avid sprouter, grew microgreens and wheatgrass, and I was active in growing the budding raw food community.

In 2012 I moved to Woodstock, Connecticut to take an apprenticeship in farming at Devon Point Farm, a family-owned organic vegetable and grassfed beef farm.

Today I am the owner, farmer and certified health coach at Serafina Says Farm, a vegetable and superfood farm and wellness center in Canton, CT. I offer the community a local source of organically grown, nutrient-dense, delicious food together with wellness workshops, detox cleansing programs and individual health coaching, to enable everyone to live authentic lives in their best possible health.

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