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CTFoodFarm-sprouts on saladSerafina Says Farm mixed lentil and pea sprouts adorn an organic spinach salad.

Happy March! I invite you to shake off the end of winter and welcome spring together with Serafina Says Farm – a variety of programs are available to get you feeling your absolute best! Join the 7-day guided Juice & Glow cleanse. Sign up for a personalized, 1-week immersion course that gets you sprouting food at home (new program!). Come discuss Grain Brain at the next Wellness & Nutrition Book Club meeting. And visit Serafina Says Farm at a NEW Farmers’ Market at Get Baked in Windsor. Read on!

Welcome spring! The snow is starting to melt, sheets of ice are splintering, river currents are becoming visible and the spring birds are arriving. Our environment is slowly transforming from a sparkling white icebox to a slushy, swampy, wet mud pit. Ayurveda describes this transition as moving from the Vata to the Kapha energy.

The watery slush and the heavy mudĀ outside is an apt illustration of kapha energy. Kapha qualities are earthy and watery, exactly what plants and animals need to begin the spring lifecycle. When in balance, kapha provides lubrication, suppleness, and mucus to protect lung, sinus and stomach tissue. In excess, kapha causes sluggishness, dullness, and even depression. If you have an excess of kapha, you may experience excess phlegm, water retention, and heaviness in your limbs. And indeed, these are common physical side effects we all experience in spring. You may feel the need to stretch more, or to eat lighter foods. Perhaps you are more easily congested or get a head cold.
This transition to spring is the ideal time for our bodies to undergo a cleanse. Detox the body from the excess of winter, shed any extra pounds that may have piled on, shed your winter skin, and step into spring feeling lighter and more energetic. Are you starting to feel the pull of spring? Are you ready to restore your energy levels? Reset your eating habits? Realign your health? To experience greater happiness and increased creativity? If so, you are not alone! Join us for the first guided 7-day Juice Cleanse of the spring season!

During a juice cleanse, you have the opportunity to experience a variety of benefits, including weight loss and reduced bloat, shinier hair, nails and skin, improved sleep, identification of food sensitivities, greater awareness of your body and eating habits, increased energy and happiness, and an overall glow. Now who wouldn’t want that?
The next Juice & Glow Cleanse starts Wed. March 18. Pre-cleanse starts Sunday March 15. Now is the time to sign up and receive your wonderful kit of self-care goodies in the mail before pre-cleanse starts. Just think: you have the chance, this month, to create new habits and enter the spring season from a great place of health and happiness.

Yes, I want to glow! Sign me up for the juice cleanse. Click to learn more about the cleanse and read how this cleanse has changed people’s lives.

Nature, as always, provides the necessary seasonal plants to assist our healthy transition from winter to spring. To gradually lighten up and shed the sluggishness of winter, the earth springs forth new shoots and sprouts. In food energetics, sprouts and microgreens have a living, creative, flexible energy that help us to lighten up. They are also alkalizing, immune-strengthening and delicious! Sprouts are the ideal food to eat right now and welcome spring.
Transform your kitchen into a garden. I am offering a new personalized 1-week Immersion Course to get you sprouting at home from day one. You will learn how to sprout three different types of seeds, how to use different types of sprouting equipment, and how to integrate them into your daily meals. You will also receive a consultation on how to get started growing microgreens.
By the end of the week you will be happily munching on nutrient-dense, alkalizing, immune-building sprouts that you grew yourself! Sprouting is a life-long skill that will add enormously to your own health and the health of your family. Plus, it’s fun! Be a kitchen gardener!Yes, I want to grow at home! Tell me more!

Grain Brain

The Wellness & Nutrition Book Club meets Wednesday, March 18 from 7-9pm at Passiflora Tearoom and Herbal Apothecary in New Hartford. This month we are discussing Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain.

Grains: friend or foe? The misalignment of carbohydrates started with the Atkins Diet and continues to this day. Are grains bad for us? Join us for this relevant and trendy topic! The book club is free, but spots are limited. Please email me to reserve your spot.

Click here to see all the books we are reading this year – join us for one or all of them!

To celebrate the Spring Solstice, Serafina Says Farm will be selling sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass, and other artisanal farm-fresh foods at a new market at Get Baked in Windsor. This is a fabulous (indoor!) market. If you are missing my smiling face or the farm’s delicious produce stop by! Serafina Says Farm will be at market on Saturday only, March 21 from 10-3pm.

Looking forward to the summer… I have received numerous emails from CSA customers asking me if my vegetables will be available this summer. Yes, they will! The farm is not offering a CSA, but I am continuing to grow and will have a market stand available. More details to come as we get closer to the summer. For my Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market customers, I will be vending at the Coventry summer market during the months of August-October. So you will not see me during June-July, but have no fear, I will be there in high summer!

To your health & vitality,

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