Welcome to Serafina Says Farm and Tara Tranguch Health Coaching Services

Welcome to Serafina Says Farm and to Tara Tranguch Health Coaching

I am an organic farmer and certified health coach. Health coaching services include individual sessions, Wellness Workshops, and guided juice cleanses. I work with those interested in moving to a primarily whole foods and plant-based diet, integrating superfoods and medicinal mushrooms with their daily meals, and rediscovering the magic within themself and in the world around them.

Serafina Says Farm is a vegetable, superfood and wellness farm growing in Collinsville, New Hartford and Simsbury, CT. The farm offers vegetables, superfoods, herbs, flowers, microgreens, sprouts, wheatgrass and sprouted food products available at farmers’ markets, for restaurants and food establishments.

If you seek a true transformation of your physical, spiritual and emotional health, and  if you believe that your current reality can be transformed into something new and extraordinary, you have come to the right site. I am glad to meet you.


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